A new Normal - Foster Care


We are now 4 months into our foster care. The baby in our care has totally enriched our family. I cannot tell you much about the baby legally. I can tell you that this new chapter and journey has brought us down a learning experience. I can't explain in words the feeling I have as this child reaches up to touch my face. How our Father in heaven must feel when we are innocent children reaching to touch him out of love.

We do not know what the future holds for this child. But, I do know God has allowed the Dempsey's to be a part of it's life. Even if our time is short.

I met an amazing cancer warrior today. Her name is Kim Crane. For 17 years she’s lived with brain cancer. Today she is in a wheel chair. I had the opportunity to talk with her after the Lance Armstrong 5k race. The group I cycled with pushed her in her wheel chair and escorted her through the finish line.

Kim told me of her active lifestyle in athletics in the past. But, her focus today was a new beginning. She’s made goals and plans many achievements in the next 17 years of her life. Among them are water coloring, planting, piano, tennis, and working at a pro-golf shop. Her outlook on life and her faith is strong. Her story is one of courage and strength.

I’ve had a lot of time to think on this trip. I know only a few people on this trip to Austin. Today, I was separated from the group I was with and walked alone through the streets of downtown. I reflected a lot and thought about Kim and her amazing story. She by no doubt has touched many lives. I heard that she raised nearly $100,00 for cancer research. Here attitude is inspiring. I’m grateful she has touched my life for our brief 10 minute discussion.

Stories from the road


(writing from my mobile phone..excuse the typos)

we've just completed our third day of this cycle challenge to conquer cancer. this by far was a great team building day. these four men i'm with are wonderful people focused on the task at hand. this by far has been pushing my body to the extreme and so far these men have helped me every step of the way. more so than that.... it's the stories of people who are survivors… from Joey's wife who is in stage 4 ovarian cancer to Keith who survived testicular and brain cancer.

we have a team car that is front of us while we cycle. on the car are magnets with peoples names. every name has a story of the fight they've endured. it has been personally motivating. I’ve learned real quickly how insignificant I am in the big picture of this ride.

today we stopped in Bogalusa, La. we met Pumpkin today. a 73 year old sweet woman who brought us waters and offered help. Deloris greeted us in Pizza Hut. she told of stories of many people in that town that worked at the chemical plants. many fought the fight and she was grateful for what we were doing.

My friend, Mark Harris (4Him) met up with me and met our team. He should us a great day out in Mobile. we ate at Wintzell’s in mobile. he prayed for the team. it gave us all inspiration to keep going strong.

these stories i 've been able to share on His Radio in the morning this week. an amazing trip that is bringing hope to a lot of people.more to come in the days ahead.more to come in the days ahead.

The Cycle Journey to Austin Begins


This morning in the midst of family, friends, well-wishers, and media our journey to Austin, Texas begins. There are 30 cyclists, each touched by cancer. Some are survivors and others riding in memory of a family or close friend. Each person committed to help to find a cure to a deadly and life altering disease.

A full support team is assembled. A bus, trailer, and 5 team vans (1 for each team). Each team will cover 6 hours a day and cover anywhere between 90 to 120 miles. This is not easy. A lot of training has been put into conditioning the body to endure the long hours and miles. Time taking away from family and friends as each person raised money and trained hard. We’ll be riding 24/7. We’ll ride in the dark, in the elements, rain or shine the relay will ride 1,500 miles for a cure.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Rob Dempsey

You can still help today! Donation helps cancer research. To donate a gift please go to https://www.pelotonregistration.com/donation.php Where it says “please choose a donor”…click in this box and scrolled down until you find "Jeni Schumacher Rob Dempsey."

Below is a letter Jeni Schumacher wrote as she ventures to bring awareness and support for something she lives through every day - CANCER - I'm her arms and legs enduring a long relay cycle to Austin, Tx. A journey that is 1,007 miles long. PLEASE, take time to hear from the heart of an inspiring survivor!

Rob Dempsey and Jeni Schumacher are teaming up for the P3C3 Ride.

The idea behind the P3C3 Ride to Texas is to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research. It would seem now-a-days that we are all affected in some way by this disease. Whether it is our selves, our loved ones or our dear and close friends - in some way Cancer has clutched us and squeezed us until we are dry.

I have been battling Skin Cancer since I was 31. I am now 38. I have had over 85 surgeries to remove Cancerous spots on my body. I have not participated in Chemo because I am very aggressive with my treatments- obviously, as I am walking the walk of being a ”human quilt”. My father and my maternal grandfather were victims of Skin Cancer and it is spreading within my family. My thoughts are this: if I don’t become aggressive with involving myself in research for a cure, then I am not doing my part. I want my efforts with research to be equally important as my efforts with my treatments.

When Kevin Dunn, President of P3, approached me to be a part of the P3C3 Ride to Texas, I was very hesitant for several reasons. First, I can’t be exposed to the sun for long periods of time and Riding a bike from Greenville, SC to Texas would defy the natural elements I am trying to shade myself from everyday. Second, like most people, I don’t have a lot of free time. I am dedicated to being: a Christian, a wife, a mom, a full time employee at the YMCA, an athlete, and continuing to fight my battle with Skin Cancer.

Since my time is so limited, I asked a friend, Rob Dempsey to see if he could help me out. This friend is in a similar position. He too, is a dedicated Christian, a husband, a father, a full time radio personality, and an athlete who has overcome obesity. When he agreed to participate on my behalf, I was overwhelmed with enthusiasm. He has chosen to taken on the natural elements and physical burden that I would be unable to do with this event. Rob committed to be my ambassador and in a sense - so did his family.

By involving myself in the P3 Group, I want to be able to pave the road for my children in the event that I have passed this disease onto them. My 8 year old twin girls, Morgan and Nicole, have such a clear picture of what I go through when I visit a Doctor. They see their mom with a positive approach to this disease with no regrets. I am truly able to minister to my children, my persistent faith and trust, and show them how to be positive and trusting in a higher power (God). I love my body and treat it the way God himself has intended. It is my temple and I will respect it no matter what is in it or on it- this is my commitment.

As a warrior for the P3C3 ride, I need to raise $5,000 for Cancer Research. I wish paper could show my passion; but all I have are words to express my feelings. I will be loyal to help researchers find a cure. I will do everything in my power to assist in research. I will dedicate my time and talents so that Rob can leave in October to do the leg work (no pun intended! J ).

With Rob on my team, I know that I have a chance to pave the way for many people that have Cancer including the possibility of my own children. I owe it to him and other friends and family members, to be aggressive with my efforts to raise this money I have committed to.

If you are interested in donating please go to https://www.pelotonregistration.com/donation.php Where it says “please choose a donor”…click in this box and scrolled down until you find
Jeni Schumacher Rob Dempsey. From there it is up to you.

The short...... we need help with contacts that can assist us in reaching our goal of $5,000. Can you help financially or know of someone who can assist us in this aggressive endever to fight the fight and ride the ride that could change many people’s lives including my own?

God Speed,
Jeni Schumacher and Rob Dempsey

Will I get Zits!?!


All I remember from my school days is the battle of the pimples. Those pesky little blemishes that dot your face. Now, I'm going back to school. But, this time it's for a 16 hour course for Foster Parenting. This has been a desire of my wife for some time.

A lot of things of happened recently that has tugged on my heart. A cycle trip through three states with Mark Schultz for orphans and widows. A 100 mile charity ride for a homeless shelter and children's home. Many friends that have adopted from other parts of the world. And daily driving by the Church of God children's home.

We've been through all the paper work, house inspection, and orientation. Now, it's time for a 16 hour class. Then it's on to helping kids.

Challenge Completed


On Memorial Day the weather was perfect and the traffic in today's economy was very light. This proved to be the right combination for a cycle trip through the mountains.

You'll remember my bike had a mechanical faux pas during the May 17th Miracle Hill Cycling Challenge. I completed only 30 miles of the official course. However, I did a total of 40.8 miles total. I had 70 miles left to ride for the Children's home, homeless shelters, women's shelter, and boy's home of Miracle Hill Ministries.

I am one to complete whatever I start and with a temporary fix on my bikes left shifter I embarked on completing the course. Doug "Shaky Stick" Gouth joined me for the journey. Good thing since Doug mapped out the route for Miracle Hill. Another gentleman joined for about 25 miles. Randy is a kind soul whose longest ride up to that point was 30 miles. All said and done, after Randy said goodbye just before Caesar's Head, he should have completed his longest ride of 50 miles. Way to go Randy!!

Once we got to Caesar's Head the ride became very challenging. As if the long 5 mile climb wasn't enough. From Barclay's Rd. to Pickens Hwy there were plenty of climbs and challenges. Even a half mile 17% grade that's a killer. I loved EVERY minute of it. Walnut Holly Road was by far the prettiest section of the ride. Doug told me it would be and he was right! The picture of the rolling stream, the fishermen, the trees that shaded the road and the cyclists coming from the other direction are engrained in my memory. This certainly brought to light the amazing detail our creator put into this small planet.

I felt like a million bucks when I passed some cyclists near the continental divide. One was wearing a Greenville Spinners jersey. They were pushing hard and I rode by them with ease. I thanked God for allowing me to have this new wonderful gift of health and this love for endurance multi-sports. I must add that Doug is strong. He road right by those cyclists with grace and ease. I had a few climbs past that were my quads tightened up. The pain was strong and I pushed forward past the pain and kept my legs strong with every stroke. I pushed every core and fabric of my physical being to the limit. Talk about invigorating!!

Both Doug and I were touched by the kids at the Children's Home in Pumpkin Town. We stopped there for a potty break and to refill our water bottles. The lives touched by this ministry makes that ride seem so small. Miracle Hill is impacting lives for eternity! I'm grateful to have had a small part of the big picture.

The ride back to Furman was not a piece of cake. Old McElhaney Rd has some challenging climbs. Well, after all the climbing in NC they were challenging. You'd be proud that both Doug and I could keep between 18 and 20 mph after the small climbs as we made our way back to Furman.

At the end of the day we forged out 96 miles!!!! Add that number to the 40 miles to the week before and that brings the total to 136 miles for my Miracle Hill Cycling Challenge

This page of in my chapter to health is behind me and new challenges are ahead. Jeni Schumacher is preparing my body to endure my second Triathlon in Greenville on August 17th. A week later I do a 10 mile running race in Flint, Michigan for Smile FM. I've never done back to back races like this and I'm looking forward to seeing what my body can do.

Another chapter to be written soon on this life long God given journey to health.

My Story


My Story - Who is Rob??

The year was about 1982 when I received a phone call while spending the night at Tony's house. Tracy was on the other end of the line. "Robbie!" she said, "Landon is in the Bayfront Medical Center. He is in a coma." It was New Years Eve and Landon was in a near fatal car accident. Little did I know that through this tragic accident God had a plan.

I was a delinquent teenager. At the age of fifteen I was already an alcoholic. Childhood was not pleasant. My biological father left home when I was six months old never to be seen again. Mom remarried around the age of four. The next few years were filled with physical abuse. After a very grueling divorce mom had the task of rearing two children alone.

The news of Landon's accident struck me hard. We had been best friends since I was six. His mother took care of me before and after school. I would skip school to visit Landon in the hospital. I even spent the night in the waiting room waiting for news of his recovery.

One day while a group of Landon's friends were in the waiting room, a youth pastor approached us. He was asked by Landon's grandparents to come and pray for him at the hospital. He introduced himself and began to show us pictures of his dogs describing them as his family.

Keith Killgore, the youth pastor of 1st Baptist Pinellas Park, Florida invited us to join his youth group on an outing. I accepted. He took us to see the Word of Life collegians and the presentation of the book of Revelation. The drama scared me to death. I did not go forward during the altar call that night. For some reason I thought they would place me in an airport with a shaved head.

The ride home was long. I boasted about the recent Van Halen concert I attended trying to make small talk. The youth group told me about this cool Christian radio station. Keith gave me a cassette tape. It was Petra's "More Power to Ya." I began to listen to the station they told me about. I was hooked. WCIE became a part of my life.

Two weeks later I asked Jesus to come into my heart. The following Sunday I went to the altar of 1st Baptist Church Pinellas Park. I was born again. I joined the church and spent many long hours with the youth group praying for Landon. Five months later Landon was healed.

Even though I had this new found faith I never gave up my old friends. I became a four pack a day smoker, alcoholic, and a drug user. On my birthday my mother kicked me out of the house.

I lived with Landon's parents for a short time, then on the streets. The final years as a teenager are very fuzzy. There wasn't a day that went by without a high. I remember living under bridges, which was only a short time, there was a man's garage, a small trailer, working in construction, and hanging out at a biker bar. God never gave up on me through this time of rebellion.

Every night I would listen to WCIE out of Lakeland, Florida. I had a old walkman at one point that I found in a dumpster and would listen all the time. This Christian station was a source a comfort for me. I never met the announcer's face to face but they were my friends. Jon Hull, Rita Christy, Jim Gates, Bill Scott, and Dave Stewart were always letting me know that God loved me.

One night after last call at the Busch Lounge WCIE was on the radio my radio. I had given up on life. I was nineteen. Jobs had come and gone. Relationships had failed. My lifestyle was ungodly. I began to plan another attempt of suicide. Then Dave Stewart reached out over the radio. It was as if he was speaking to me. "God loves you" he said "He will never leave you nor forsake you." He prayed the sinner's prayer and at that moment I rededicate my life to Christ. Then I prayed another prayer. "God, I want to do what that guy on the radio is doing." I never believed that prayer would be answered. However, it was.

One year later I became a volunteer DJ at WLPJ in North Tampa. God was using me to help others the same way WCIE helped me. Easter Sunday 1988 I began a part time shift at WJIS in Sarasota, Florida. It was here that I learned how to do radio. By January 1989 I became the full time overnight announcer. I was doing the same shift as the DJ at WCIE when God reached out to me and changed my life.

In the years to come I became well versed in radio. The job duties performed were Traffic Manager, Production Director, Program Director, Station Manager and now Operations/Programming Director for His Radio in the Carolina's and Georgia. Plus, I have the opportunity to host the Morning Show - "Morning Friends with Rob & Kristin"

Now before every broadcast I thank God for allowing me the privilege to tell others that God loves them and will never leave nor ever forsake them. I will always be grateful to Christian radio and all who were involved in leading me to Christ. He has truly given me a new life.

Since the day I prayed that prayer with a DJ on WCIE I have been blessed. He has given me a beautiful wife, three wonderful children and today a foster baby.