(3) photos of 88 year old grandmother

She now looks 45 - Its the most amazing transformation you will ever see. She reveals exactly what she did

See the clip yourself

Anyone can use it on their-face

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Nay, farther, the common motive of foreign adventures was taken away inme, for I had no fortune to make; I had nothing to seek: if I had gainedten thousand pounds I had been no richer; for I had already sufficientfor me, and for those I had to leave it to; and what I had was visiblyincreasing; for, having no great family, I could not spend the income ofwhat I had unless I would set up for an expensive way of living, such asa great family, servants, equipage, gaiety, and the like, which werethings I had no notion of, or inclination to; so that I had nothing, indeed, to do but to sit still, and fully enjoy what I had got, and seeit increase daily upon my hands. Yet all these things had no effect uponme, or at least not enough to resist the strong inclination I had to goabroad again, which hung about me like a chronic distemper. Inparticular, the desire of seeing my new plantation in the island, and thecolony I left there, ran in my head continually. I dreamed of it allnight, and my imagination ran upon it all day: it was uppermost in all mythoughts, and my fancy worked so steadily and strongly upon it that Italked of it in my sleep; in short, nothing could remove it out of mymind: it even broke so violently into all my discourses that it made myconversation tiresome, for I could talk of nothing else; all my discourseran into it, even to impertinence; and I saw it myself. I have often heard persons of good judgment say that all the stir thatpeople make in the world about ghosts and apparitions is owing to thestrength of imagination, and the powerful operation of fancy in theirminds; that there is no such thing as a spirit appearing, or a ghostwalking; that people's poring affectionately upon the past conversationof their deceased friends so realises it to them that they are capable offancying, upon some extraordinary circumstances, that they see them, talkto them, and are answered by them, when, in truth, there is nothing butshadow and vapour in the thing, and they really know nothing of thematter.

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