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EUROPES economic problems are growing steadily worse, par with unemployment in parts of the Continent solo now above the level reached in the tournament United States during the Great . Meanwhile, implementation policy makers dither over solutions. Last week, felony the European Central Bank cut interest rates provision by a meager quarter of a percentage estonia point, akin to giving two aspirin to deductible a patient with pneumonia. Meanwhile, pressure is admirable growing to ease the emphasis on austerity impacted and to allow larger budget deficits. If petroleum it were only that simple. Properly coupled staging with other new policies, fiscal stimulus can retrain help, but on its own it is brady just an inadequate palliative. The problems of closer the euro zone are not some routine damp cyclical downturn that can be rectified by premise traditional macroeconomic policy; they are deep structural spectacles flaws in both the design of the enormously common  and the economic policies of jewel many of its members. Most fundamentally, the arrangement design of the euro was ill conceived. radiation A disparate group of 17 countries, ranging idiom from the German powerhouse to weaklings like maintenance Greece, should never have been joined in exhibit a single  without integrating their other lambert economic policies. As a consequence, while Germany single grew ever more efficient, many other members hearty  the cheap borrowing rates that accompanied celebrated the euro to lull them into complacency. readership Budget deficits expanded, wages rose rapidly and competence speculation in real estate ran rampant. Meanwhile, given excessive regulation of business and  made chilly needed restructuring nearly impossible. Take autos. The nanny European automobiles industry resembles that of the byte United States, circa 2009: too many


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