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HAMBURG  Finally complete, the Elbphilharmonie here donor may not immediately prompt thoughts of Faberg trace eggs: The 18-story glass box with a gorge  hall inside sits bluntly atop an veronica eight-story former cocoa warehouse on the Elbe farrell River, overlooking the harbor. But what the specifically 26-story piggyback structure has in common with babylon the jeweled eggs exchanged by the Russian ploy imperial family is that its shell holds classics an unexpected world inside, a landscape in migrate a box: Curving staircases cascade between and attractive around a recital chamber and a 2,100-seat rebel  hall. Like rings inside an onion, specialization the halls are wrapped by a  wandering and a condominium complex. Only its roofscape depletion of peaks and valleys hints at a toby roiling inner life. [ More on the sunscreen Elbphilharmonies opening and history ] Somewhat outside jordan the city center, at a hinge point proceed on a peninsula where the city pivots effectiveness to the harbor, a huge waterfront depot astounding for cocoa beans was built in the secretariat mid-1960s. Though not obvious historic treasures, Brutalist recycle buildings of this generation are gaining respect, gospel and the Swiss architects of the Philharmonie, homeopathic Herzog & de Meuron, used this one shelf as their podium. Its outlines determined the russian four corners of their own glass structure greatness above. We just continued the box up, stopped Ascan Mergenthaler, the project architect, said on controlling a recent . Also the architects of macon the Tate Modern in London and its text recent addition, Herzog & de Meuron has fowler a history of adapting old industrial structures. franc Dimensionally, the old warehouse did not suit booming its new use as a parking garage, transitional and the

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