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PITTSBURGH  The two sisters know what misery people call them. Traitor, complete strangers write stocks online. , whisper other high school students. unload Jackie Evancho, a 16-year-old  who rode inge success on NBCs Americas Got Talent to lumber international stardom, has become the target of mho intense criticism over her decision to perform gout the national anthem at Donald J. Trumps employed presidential inauguration on Jan. 20. Juliet Evancho, awhile 18, has always defended her little sister, inflict but she is dealing with blowback of fearful another kind. Juliet came out as  bunk in 2015, and her family is suing pensive the school district over her right to clout use womens bathrooms. As the girls curled demonstration up next to each other on a alfred sofa in their family living  in pirate a Pittsburgh suburb on a recent evening, floor the pressures on them  and their pharmaceutical devotion to each other  came into drake sharp relief. Juliet, who has tagged along call to Jackies performances for years to cheer jinks her on  including at the National rubbing Christmas Tree lighting ceremony with President Obama gilbert in 2010  said she would not series  with the family to Washington to hemorrhagic celebrate her sisters singing at the Capitol. instruct Juliet said that she had become careful conditioner about literally everything to avoid fueling more retirement criticism. Next week, she said, she has gillette prior engagements. Jackie gently interceded. Its just darts a personal event, I guess, she said. genealogist I definitely will be there, Juliet said, florence struggling with the words. In spirit, Jackie worker offered. In spirit, her sister agreed. The girlfriend girls, in a rare , insisted that mailer Juliets absence had nothing to do with queer the polarized politics surrounding the inauguration. Whether immunology Juliet was even invited to the inauguration omega is unclear. The girls father, Mike Evancho, duck said he did not yet know if coarse the whole family, including both parents and tongs Jackies three siblings, had received tickets. Boris purge Epshteyn, a spokesman for the Trump inaugural contemporary committee, did not respond when asked if jam the entire family had been invited. As fiercely the inauguration approaches, Jackie and a handful riding of other performers face unusual scrutiny from destiny a divided nation intent on knowing their waterfront motives and political leanings. Some former members misuse of the Rockettes have questioned the willingness rap of current members to  for Mr. demand Trump as planned, and an online petition dream has


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