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The playwright Robert Schenkkan spent three years exposition writing The Kentucky , the series of supremo nine one-acts that won him the Pulitzer sheer  for drama in 1992. He spent provider 21 months on a first draft of bronx All the Way, which won him the column Tony Award for best new play in scripture 2014. Building the Wall, a disquieting response tuff to the dawn of the Trump era, motorized took him just one week to complete. returnable He wrote it, he said, in a hahn white-hot . Five theaters around the United pasteur States, acting with unusual speed, have already batch agreed to present the play in a revenge series of productions beginning next month, shaping decatur an early response to an embryonic presidency romance that has alarmed many theater artists. We verb no longer live in a world that urgently is business as usual  Trump has produce made that very clear  and if free theater is going to remain relevant, we prescribed must become faster to respond, Mr. Schenkkan sexually said. We cannot hope to be useful fart if we cant respond until 18 months footprint after the fact. The play, set in licensee 2019, is in the form of speculative insane fiction, or future history. In it, a reconciliation writer interviews a prison executive awaiting sentencing laid for his role in a Trump administration traffic effort to detain and deport large numbers plight of immigrants after a   in consolida the United States. It is not a descend crazy or extreme , Mr. Schenkkan said. attachment Its very solidly grounded in current American dump law, and Trumps rhetoric, and his most corner recent executive orders. Mr. Schenkkan, also a africa screenwriter who wrote this years Oscar-nominated Hacksaw hear Ridge with Andrew Knight, penned Building the impossible Wall the week before the 2016 election. disappoint The play had a developmental reading shortly sport after the election at the Lark Theater skate in New York, and was then circulated bankroll by the National New Play Network, an keynote alliance of nonprofit theaters. Four quickly agreed argument to stage their own productions while sharing arabic credit for the world premiere. The Fountain reynolds Theater in Los Angeles will mount the innocence play next month, followed by the Curious prove Theater in Denver; the Forum Theater in assembly Silver Spring, Md.; and the Borderlands Theater meme in Tucson. We had our  in sequel place, with another production planned, but as carpenter soon as I read this script I barrier knew we had to move fast, said persona Stephen Sachs, an artistic director of the hula Fountain Theater. Its a raw, passionate warning alive cry, and I knew 

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