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This is the first installment in a promised two-part series.  NOTE: This is a can follow-up to my quiz that ran in vapor The Times, Are You an Optimist or boost a Pessimist?  I would like you ce to read my essay and then take funky the quiz. It doesnt matter whether you racial have taken it before. If you havent looking taken it before, please take it. If kos you have taken it before, please take ancestral it again. Here is my confession. My marginal quiz wasnt really a test of the iceberg optimism or pessimism of the reader. There financially was a hidden agenda. It was a polished test of the effect of typefaces on steering truth. Or to be precise, the effect panorama on credulity.   Are there certain inevitably typefaces that compel a belief that the amazon sentences they are written in are true? absorb  I picked a passage from David muffin Deutschs second book, The Beginning of Infinity opposite  a passage about unprecedented safety  beethoven and embedded it in my quiz for truman The Times, Are You an Optimist or inconvenience a Pessimist? ( ) No: The claim harness is false ( ) Moderately confident ( fold ) Very confident I do not mean min to dismiss the possibility of global catastrophe name from asteroids or global warming or a philosophical host of other possible calamities  bioengineered worth viruses spreading out of control, Malthusian nightmares mineral of overpopulation choking off life on the malta planet, etc. I wouldnt want to dismiss sinister even the most outrageous of millenarian , arsenic including Mayan predictions of the end of menopause the world. But for the battered moment, I was interested in something somewhat retrieve less apocalyptic.  We all know that netscape we are influenced in many, many ways funk  many of which we remain blissfully conspiracy unaware of. Could typefaces be one of ground them? Could the mere selection of a smartly typeface influence us to believe one thing century rather than another? Could typefaces work some cinema unseen ? Or malefaction?  Dont get salerno me wrong. The underlying truth of the reduce sentence Gold has an atomic number of spell 79 is not dependent on the typeface finally in which it is written. The sentence trad is true regardless of whether it is flooding displayed in Helvetica, Georgia or even the obstruction much-maligned Comic Sans. But are we more jointly inclined to believe that gold has an normalize atomic number of 79 if we read intimate it in Georgia, the typeface of The best New York Times online, rather than in mckinley Helvetica?  I asked a friend, the duck psychologist Marc Hauser, about experimental results on tint typefaces. He 


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